History / 1930

mapa de las murallas de Pamplona en 1.930 Ver Plano Baluarte de Labrit Fortín de San Bartolomé Baluarte San Antón Baluarte del Real Revellín de Santa Clara Contraguardia de Santa Clara Baluarte de Santa María Revellín de Santa Isabel Contraguardia de Santa Isabel Baluarte de Santa María Revellín de Santa Ana Baluarte de la Victoria Ciudadela Baluarte de la Taconera Revellín San Roque Baluarte de Gonzaga Plataforma de Palacio Baluarte del Abrevador Baluarte bajo del Pilar Revellín de los Reyes Baluarte del Redín Baluarte bajo de Nª Sª de Guadalupe


Pamplona takes on its present-day layout: the two ensanches (urban expansion areas) have been built.

To alleviate overcrowding and the lack of hygiene in the walled Pamplona, the latter needs to grow beyond the fortified complex.

In 1888, the bastions of La Victoria and San Antón are demolished, in addition to the ravelin located between them. The First Expansion Area (Primer Ensanche) is built.

From 1918 to 1921, demolition work is carried out following the symbolic commencement of the latter in 1915: fortifications from the Citadel to the bastion of Labrit are removed. Their disappearance makes the layout and construction of the Second Expansion Area (Segundo Ensanche) possible.

1936-1939. The Civil War takes place.

1914. The First World War breaks out, which will go on until 1918. 
1939-1945. The Second World War takes place – the largest and bloodiest armed conflict in history.